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Latest Reports

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(i) Global Scenario 2020-21 Open
(ii) National Pulses Scenario (Normal: Avg. of 2016-17 to 2020-21) Open
(iv) Economic Importance & Value Added Products of Pulses Open
(v) Workshop-IIPR-Kanpur Proceedding - 2016 Open
2 Open
(i) NFSM-ICAR-ATARI CFLDs Admin approval of Pulses 2022-23 Open
(ii) NFSM-ICAR-ATARI CFLDs Admin approval of Oilseeds 2022-23 Open
(iii) NFSM-Admn. Approval for FLDs on Pulses, Coarse & Nutri Cereals Open
(i) Final Study on (Rice) Open
(ii) Final Study on Soybean Open
(i) Enhancing moth bean and moong bean productivity Open
(ii) Enzamatic pre treat- pigeon peaAdministrative Approval JUNAGARH Open
(iii) Extension NDP and Value Chain Nov 2016 Open
(iv) Generation advance Kabuli Chickpea - 11.02.2016 Open
(v) Herbicide resistant ICRISAT_14_10_2015 Open
(vi) Identification of salt tolerant chickpea varieties for coastal regions of Gujarat-26.10.2015 Open
(vii) Pearl millet hybrids for increasing the productivity of Western Rajasthan Open
(viii) Phytophthora blight disease - ICRISAT- 15.12.2015 Open
(ix) Project Investigation on the Present Pigeonpea Pest Complex - UAS Raichur Open
(x) Quality Seed Production for Higher Productivity of Pulses ---Sher -e- Kashmir University Open
(xi) Scalling up and popularization of high yielding - 15.06.2016 Open
(xii) UAS, Dharwad project on pulses crop-2016-17 -reg 09.05.2016 Open
(xiii) Utilizing Chickpea Genome Sequence-2014-15 to 2016-17 reg- 19.10.2015 Open
(xiv) Establishing Speed Breeding-Rapid Generation Advancement 2022-23 to 2024-25 reg-30.06.2022 Open
(xv) International Year of Millets 2023 to ICAR-IIMR reg-26.09.2022 Open
(i) Training-KVK Sehore Open
(ii) Training-KVK-Raisen Open
(iii) Workshop -CIAE-Bhopal Open
(iv) Workshop-IIPR-Kanpur Open
(v) National Workshop-RLBCAU, Jhansi Open
(i) Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav-2021 Open
(ii) World Food Day-2021 Open
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