Directorate of Pulses Development




Directorate of Pulses Development, one of the nine Commodity Development Directorates (Jute, Cotton, Wheat, Millets, Rice, Sugarcane, Tobacco and Oilseeds) under the Ministry of Agriculture, Directorate of Agriculture & Corporation (DAC) was established at Lucknow in 1971 with the merger of Regional Extension Units at Ahmedabad. The National Head Quarter of the Pulses Development on the recommendation of "Commodity Development Directorates Re-organisation Committee" was subsequently shifted to Bhopal (M.P.) in 1996. The National Head Quarter of Pulses Development is responsible for monitoring the pulses development scheme under Integrated Scheme of Oilseeds, Pulses, Oilpalm and Maize (ISOPOM) in 437 districts of 14 States in the Country.

Pulses were brought under the ambit of Technology Mission of the Ministry’s Department of Agriculture & Co-operation in August 1990, keeping in view the spectacular achievement in Oilseeds Sector. In 2004-05, pulses along with Oilseeds, Oilpalm and Maize have been brought under one scheme ISOPOM.

Henceforth, new technologies, timely supply of inputs, extension supports, remunerative price, marketing infrastructure and post-harvest technologies were provided for increasing pulses production with the Mission Mode approach.

As of now, the Project is implemented in full swing in 437 districts spreading across the country in 14 States under 75:25 percent basis of funding between the Government India and the State Governments.

With the unabated population increase in the Country, Pulses Production also have to be paralleled with this rise in population as they are the main source of balanced diet particularly for the rural mass.

Keeping in view this necessity, various programmes were launched during various Plan periods. A Centrally Sponsored Pulses Development Scheme was initiated from the IVth Plan (1969-70 to 1973-74) with the introduction of production technologies and improved varieties amongst the farmers.

Previous National Pulses Development Project (NPDP) which merged with the earlier Centrally Sponsored Scheme on pulses has been a boon for the farming communities when the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India launched it from the VIIth Plan onwards. In order to supplement the efforts under NPDP, a Special Food Grain Production Program (SFPP) on Pulses was also implemented during 1988-89 on a 100% Central assistance basis.

It is worth mentioning that under the Government of India-UNDP Cooperation 1997-2003, Pulses Sector had also been identified as “Priority Sector” to be strengthened on Priority basis. After Pulses were brought within the ambit of Technology Mission, Pulses Production markedly increased. This considerable increase has been attributed to TMOP Division of the Ministry as seen from the difference of Pulses Production during the Pre and during TMOP Scenario.

Presently, pulses development scheme under ISOPOM is implemented through 22 Seed and Non-seed related components after the Seed Minikit distribution has been taken over by the TMOP on cent percent financial assistance to the beneficiary States. The Directorate of Pulses Development, Bhopal has been continuously monitoring the implementation of the Project since its inception.