दलहन विकास निदेशालय
Directorate of Pulses Development



i. Analysis of Area Production and Productivity trends/impact of Developmental Programmes on Pulses research areas and Identification of Bottlenecks and suggest measures for their rectification and also feedback to the  Indian Institute of Pulses Research (ICAR) through institutionalized mechanism of National Conference/Group Meets on Chickpea, Pigeonpea, MULLaRP, Arid Legumes and DAC-ICAR Interface. Interface with national and International Research Organizations and Stake holders on area of crop Research.
ii. Preparation of Weekly Weather Watch Report (WWWR), close monitoring of weather/rainfall pattern/temp/coverage/market arrivals and prices of pulses at national level and for all agricultural crops in the state of M.P. & Chhattisgarh and weekly feedback to the Ministry for review of the Crop Tracking Committee meeting held under the Chairmanship of the Special Secretary, Government of India.
iii. Formulation of Annual and Five year National plan, coordination in execution and monitoring of crop production programmes of pulses at national level.
iv. Assisting states (M.P.& Chhattisgarh) in planning the Programme convergence and monitoring thereof.
v. Critical monitoring of the NFSM-Pulses, all Central Sector/Centrally Sponsored Schemes in the states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh (the assigned states).
vi. Assisting states/UTs in initiation, planning, formulation and intensification of crop development programmes in consonance with the ongoing states programme/Contingency Planning/Crop diversification aspects.
vii. To assess the crop loss/damage to agricultural sector during Natural Calamities as Member Inter-Ministerial Central Team (IMCT) representing the Crops Division of Department of Agriculture & Cooperation.
viii. To act as nodal agency for Technology Transfer/Technology Dissemination/Extension for Pulses Development across the country and to work out Human Resource Development

Functions of Directorate

i)To plan, Coordinate and monitor nodal commodity (crops) development programmes i.e. NFSM- Pulses at the National level and coordinating the efforts to formulate and implement Crop Development programme for other states/UTs and recommend measure to improve them;
ii)To monitor CSS viz. National Food Security Mission (NFSM–Rice, Pulses, Wheat, Commercial Crops, Coarse Cereals) and Front Line Demonstration Programmes.
iii)To monitor other CSS on Bringing Green Revolution for Eastern India (BGREI) programme under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY) in Chhattisgarh state, and analyse progress report.
iv)To monitor CSS on MM-I on oilseeds and MM III on Tree Borne Oilseeds (TBOs) in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh states, Mini Mission-II on Oilpalm in Chhattisgarh state under National Mission on Oilseeds and Oilpalm (NMOOP).
v)To monitor Dry Land development activities, extension reforms (ATMA), mechanization etc. under NMSA, NMAET and RKVY interventions in the state of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.
vi)To act as Convenor/Team Leader, National Level Monitoring Team (NLMT) for Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh under NFSM (Rice, Pulses, Wheat, Commercial Crops, Coarse
vii)To liaise with the other Central Ministries ICAR institutes, SAUs, International Research Organizations, NGOs and other stake holders in the field of Agri. and allied sectors for better Research-Development interface. Also represent Department of Agriculture and Cooperation on their Committee/ events with a view to have direct interface for onward benefits to formulate farmer friendly schemes at national level with a unified approach for the overall development of agriculture sector as a whole;
viii)To have closer interaction/coordination with the Project Directorates/Institutes/SAUs/KVKs and other Research Centres of the ICAR and represent.
ix)Built data base and maintain the flow of information and ideas between research and development.
x)To participate in the State Level Crop Training Programmes; Developing leaflets/ Literatures on training manuals;
xi)To provide crop specific advisories technical inputs to extension agencies and to Extension Division of the Ministry of Agriculture for skill development, national policies and for the Plan year.
xii)To represent the Varietal Identification Committee (VIC) on pulses and evaluate the performance of the newly evolved/ released pulses varieties;
xiii)To study and analyze trends in weather, crop area, production and productivity.
xiv)Preparing weekly weather and crop prospect reports in respect of kharif and Rabi pulses in all states and all crops in nodal states for review at the national level i.e. to Department of Agriculture and Cooperation.
xv)Build up state wise district wise area, production productivity data on Pulses;
xvi)To assist Department of Agriculture and Cooperation in fixing targets of production and suggest measures to achieve them;
xvii)To help states in formulation of specific contingent plan;
xviii)To represent Central team in the event of natural disaster;
xix)To co-ordinate in programmatic review of all Centrally Sponsored/ Central Sector Schemes in agriculture (RKVY, NFSM, NMOOP etc.) special package (eg. Bundelkhand Package).
xx)To organise and coordinate Seminar/Workshop/Conference /Review Meetings at state and national level.