Attaining self reliance in pulses for household nutritional security and sustainability of the production system

Reporting System

S. N. Activity Nature of Data Agency Frequency Data Users
1. Monitoring of NFSM - Performance evaluation of FLD/Cluster demonstration ICAR/SDA


Annual Crop Division/States
2. Weather Watch Report (WWR) - Crop coverage Scenario of  Pulses in all States.
- Crop coverage scenario of all crop in assigned States.
- Rainfall and Weather Situation – District-wise assigned States.
- Input Supply/Natural calamity/Insect Pest.
- Market Price.
State Department of Agriculture/ Sister Directorate/ Indian Metereological Department/ Marketing Board. Weekly 1. Crop Division.
2. Sister    
3. Natural     
   Management      Division,       
   DAC, New      
3. Technology Transfer - Improve Package Technology on Crop.
- New Variety Releases.
- Frontline Demonstration Results.

-Distribution of Seed Minikits

ICAR, SAU’s & Other R & D Organizations. Participation in Workshop, Frequently visit to SAU’s & Other R&D Centre. State Agricultural Departments.
4. Crop Statistics - State-wise area, Production and Yield data.
- District-wise Area,  Production Yield of Pulses in all States &  All Crops in assigned States.
Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Government of India/State Directorates/ Bureau of Economics & Statistics/ Revenue/ land Record. Annual Crop Division/Other CDD’s/ Research Organizations.
5. Market Price & Other Information. - Daily whole sale Prices of Pulses.
- Daily whole sale prices of Oilseeds Pulses & Other Crop in Madhya Pradesh.
- International Market Prices of Pulses.
- Export & Import of Pulses.
News papers, M.P. Mandi Board/Agri. Watch/Web cites.  Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence & Statistics, Indian Trade & Industrial Association. Daily/Weekly Crop Division/ Other CDD’s.
6. Submission of Administrative Financial Returns, Official Language Policy returns. Administration/ Vigilance/Accounts. Directorate of Pulses Development, Bhopal. Monthly/ Quarterly/  Half-yearly/   yearly Crop Division, Administrative Division, DAC, New Delhi, Finance Ministry.
7. Formulation of schemes/ programmes. All aspects of Crop production. National Policy States feedback and various other sources. Need based Ministry
8. Policy related reports. CACP Questionnaire WTO/ EXIM Policy Policies of Other Ministries. Directorate of Pulses Development, Bhopal. As per need Ministry