Attaining self reliance in pulses for household nutritional security and sustainability of the production system

Research Projects under NFSM

Enhancing moth bean and moong bean productivity

Enzamatic pre treat- pigeon peaAdministrative Approval JUNAGARH


Generation advance Kabuli Chickpea - 11.02.2016

Herbicide resistant ICRISAT_14_10_2015

Identification of salt tolerant chickpea varieties for coastal regions of Gujarat-26.10.2015

Pearl millet hybrids for increasing the productivity of Western Rajasthan

Phytophthora blight disease - ICRISAT- 15.12.2015

Project Investigation on the Present Pigeonpea Pest Complex - UAS Raichur

Quality Seed Production for Higher Productivity of Pulses ---Sher -e- Kashmir University

Scalling up and popularization of high yielding - 15.06.2016

UAS, Dharwad project on pulses crop

Utilizing Chickpea Genome Sequence for Crop improvement funded under NFSM- reg 02.11.2015